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This page is dedicated to promoting Willamette University’s Professional MBA program.  There are a number of professional MBA program choices available to you but we feel there is no comparison to the value offered by a professional MBA from Willamette University!


An executive MBA is a great investment in yourself:


This degree is a great way for those serious professionals to take their career to the next level: solid leadership skill development, focused strategic vision and greater insight into busines are all positive aspects bestowed on the professional MBA student. You can also expect to make more money after earning an MBA at Willamette University.  Many studies have shown MBA graduates earn over 25% more than their non MBA educated counterparts.

Employers Benefit – It’s a great investment for them too!

Most MBA graduates take on a more serious role within their organizations with the confidence they have after studying business strategy and operations management.  They feel empowered to push their companies forward and employers benefit from this.  This is why often employers will be willing to contribute to the cost of tuition for working professional students.

A number of professional MBA students have had financial support from their companies.  It does not hurt to ask you HR department even if there is not and official program.  A number of students have found employers will gladly contribute up to half their tuition!


Your future looks great!

Promotions and increased earnings are just a couple of the benefits you’ll realize. Many professional MBA students have gone on to help companies that sponsored them.  Such companies and organizations include:

Ernst and Young


Jarus & Co CPA

Internal Revenue Service

CPA for Real Estate Agents
The fact is these companies realize the value of an MBA graduate.  These graduates look at their companies differently after completing their professional MBA programs.  Not only are their eyes opened to areas of inefficiencies but they now know how to fix them.   Make no mistake the professional MBA program is a very serious commitment at 18 – 24 months in length but the results show clearly in the success and promotion of these graduates within their respective organizations.

We hope you will strongly consider Willamette University for your professional MBA degree.  You will gain a lifetime of experience from the knowledgeable faculty and even your fellow students who come from diverse backgrounds.